Why are there so many commercials on TV?

Advertisements on television are the way that the networks pay their bills. There are many people who are employed by these networks and they do not get public funding. The employees need to be paid, travel expenses and electricity have to be paid.

The network is not just a magic box where signals come from, there are major amounts of staff that have to be paid. It is annoying, some programming seems to have more commercials than others. This could be based on the time of year, the quality of content, and what the advertisers have contracted the networks to do for them.

Airtime for movies and television shows are subsidized by the commercials. The higher dollar the movie, the more advertisements to cover the cost of airing the program. You could avoid advertisements by recording programs and viewing them later.

That way you can fast-forward through the ads. If you are lucky enough to have a DVR, there is nothing like it! I record my shows and watch hour long programming in 40 minutes or so.

That tells me that there is around 20 minutes of advertising in an hour show. Things are getting more expensive, too, so that will equate to more commercials in your TV shows.


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