What is the difference between BSE and NSE?

Answer BSE is an acronym for BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE NSE is an acronym for NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE Difference between NSE and BSE NSE Stands for National Stock Exchange It has more than 2000 stocks from different sectors listed with it. It is fully automated electronic order processing exchange. Nifty is major index of NSE and it comprise of 50 scripts from different sectors NSE official site: http://www.nseindia.com BSE Stand for Bombay Stock Exchange It is India's Oldest Stock Exchange with listing of over 4000 scripts with it.

This not fully automated yet but progress towards full automation is underway. SENSEX is major index of BSE and it comprise of 30 scripts from different sectors BSE official Site: http://www.bseindia.com What is Sensex? What is Nifty?

Difference between these two Answer: SENSEX - SENSITIVITY INDEX : NIFTY - NATIONAL FIFTY An abbreviation of the Bombay Exchange Sensitive Index (Sensex) - the benchmark index of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). It is composed of 30 of the largest and most actively-traded stocks on the BSE. Initially compiled in 1986, the Sensex is the oldest stock index in India.

The Sensex is an "index". What is an index? An index is basically an indicator.It gives you a general idea about whether most of the stocks have gone up or most of the stocks have gone down.

The Sensex is an indicator of all the major companies of the BSE. The Nifty is an indicator of all the major companies of the NSE. If the Sensex goes up, it means that the prices of the stocks of most of the major companies on the BSE have gone up.

If the Sensex goes down, this tells you that the stock price of most of the major stocks on the BSE have gone down. Just like the Sensex represents the top stocks of the BSE, the Nifty represents the top stocks of the NSE. Just in case you are confused, the BSE, is the Bombay Stock Exchange and the NSE is the National Stock Exchange.

The BSE is situated at Bombay and the NSE is situated at Delhi. These are the major stock exchanges in the country. There are other stock exchanges like the Calcutta Stock Exchange etc. But they are not as popular as the BSE and the NSE.

Most of the stock trading in the country is done though the BSE & the NSE. Besides Sensex and the Nifty there are many other indexes. There is an index that gives you an idea about whether the mid-cap stocks go up and down.

This is called the "BSE Mid-cap Index". There are many other types of indexes. Indexes are indicators of the market which gives you a General idea about whether most of the stocks have gone up Or down.

There are two types of INDEXES: 1) SENSEX: SENSITIVITY INDEX Sensex is nothing but index of BSE.It has got 30 listed companies. On the other hand, 2) NIFTY: NATIONAL FIFTY and it is nothing but the index of NSE. It has got 50 listed companies.


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