What is the best way to peel an orange?

The best way to peel an orange: 1. Secure a sharp knife. 2.

Insert the pointy edge of the knife into the top of the orange, around where the navel is. With one hand hold the orange and with the other, the sharp knife. Insert the knife of the pointy edge where the navel is located.3.. Slowly rotate the orange with one hand while holding the knife steady with the other hand.

Pull the knife gently towards your body to create a spiraled, curling orange peel.4. Keep the width of the peel large enough, so that your peel will remain in one piece. Make sure the width of the peel is large enough so as not to break the peel and keep it in one piece.


Oranges can be peeled by scoring the center ,all round and peel off the halved skin. Here is a picturesque illutration of the same for your viewing. ---quote--- How to Peel an Orange Mind Map -------end quote.


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