Is Coconut Oil a liquid or a solid?

Coconut oil is liquid above 75 degrees F. (25 C.), and below that it will be a solid fat. It can be stored in either form, and it can be liquefied easily by applying low level heat."

HOW IS VCNO DIFFERENT FROM OTHER COCONUT OILS FOUND IN STORES? "When purchasing coconut oil, one must determine between "virgin" and "refined." The determining characteristic of virgin coconut oils is that they are made from fresh coconuts, and they have the distinct aroma and taste of coconuts present.

Tasteless coconut oils are probably made from copra, not fresh coconuts. There are also some oils that are made from copra that are not fully deodorized and have a taste to them. But these oils are refined also, despite marketing claims.

You will be able to taste the difference when comparing with a Virgin Coconut Oil. There are many ways of refining coconut oil made from copra, some more beneficial than others. More.»

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